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Auto Body Repair Advice

red damaged carGetting in an accident can be an incredibly stressful event, and the aftermath that needs to be dealt with doesn’t make the process any easier, at The Body Shop of Barrington we’ll help you through the process. Scratched paint, dented panels, total vehicle restoration, whatever damage your car has experienced in a collision you then have to determine if and where you’ll get it fixed, if those dents and scratches need immediate attention, how you’ll finance the repairs, etc. If you’ve never experienced the process of going to an auto body repair shop for your vehicle, this can be even more difficult. So, here at The Body Shop of Barrington we would like to walk you through some basic things to know if you’re seeking out an auto body repair shop near Schaumburg, IL or surrounding areas.

  • Research body shops in your area and find one trusted by friends and family as well as one that has good reviews
  • Don’t drive your vehicle if it’s damaged and has not been assessed as it might not be safe
  • Get a written estimate that is explained well before you agree to a service
  • Ask questions – quality professionals will be glad to help you understand what is going on with your vehicle and why something is priced as it is
  • Keep your paperwork so you can check the estimate against the bill as well as see an itemized list of everything that was done to your vehicle
  • Sometimes even the best drivers find themselves in need of auto body repair. From seamless paint and chip repair, dent removal, vehicle collision repair whatever you find yourself in need of, our collision repair shop near Lake Zurich, Illinois will be there in your time of need, contact the auto collision professionals at TBSBarrington.com for services you can trust.

    Safety Tips for Driving in the City

    city street traffic

    As the scorching hot days of summer are slowly turning into peaceful fall days, you may find yourself thinking about making a day trip to Chicago. Cities can be brutal on hot days, making fall and spring prime seasons for tourists. However, driving in cities is slightly different than driving in more rural or suburban areas. It’s very fast-paced and there are a lot of distractions and obstacles, which can make the experience overwhelming. And, the last thing you want on your trip is to have to deal with a collision. So, take some tips from us to make your experience driving in the city safer and more relaxed.

    Research – Something you want to do before a trip anywhere is research beforehand. This becomes especially important driving in cities. Know what roads you need to take and what laws you need to abide. This becomes helpful as you certainly don’t want to find yourself turning down a one way street in the wrong direction or making a right on red when you’re not allowed.
    Practice your parking – If you’re not parking in a garage, it’s likely you will have to parallel park, so it’s time to brush up on that skill. You won’t have an unlimited time to park as other cars will be passing, so you want to make sure you’ll slide into the spot with ease and confidence.
    Yield – Pedestrians and cyclists will be abundant, and that may not be something you’re used to. For this reason, be aware you need to keep your eyes on the road constantly and keep an eye out for them when you’re turning, changing lanes, or opening your door.

    While it can be stressful driving in cities, keeping these things in mind should make it easier. Also be sure not to let the aggressive behavior of people more accustomed to it fluster you – keep driving with confidence and ease.

    Sometimes even the best drivers find themselves in need of auto body help. If you find yourself in need of a collision repair shop in Lake Zurich, Illinois or the surrounding area, contact the professionals at TBSBarrington.com for services you can count on.