Safe Driving Habits to Prevent Accidents

You can always trust The Body Shop of Barrington to be there for your car maintenance needs and vehicle collision repair. However, there are always steps you can take to try to prevent damages in the first place. So, before you need our help fixing paint damage, structural damage, broken mirrors, and other collision injuries, try these simple habits that can help you be a safer driver and prevent accidents.

Adjust your mirrors correctly

This may seem like a basic habit, and one you think you’ve already mastered, but a lot of people make the same mistake when adjusting their side mirrors. If you’re still adjusting so that part of the back of your car is still visible in the mirror, then you’re one of those people. The proper way to adjust your mirrors is so that no part of your car is in them which should eliminate any blindspots you may have suffered from in the past. Now, you won’t have to turn your head completely and crane your neck in order to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Avoid temperature extremes

More than a general annoyance of being too hot or too cold, the discomfort you feel in extreme temperatures can be an unsafe distraction. To avoid this, make sure you have the time to allow you car to cool down or heat up on days when you know you may have an issue. The more comfortable you are, the more focus you’ll have.

Avoid eating and drinking

This is another distraction that can have negative consequences. Often, eating or drinking while driving means you only have one hand on the steering wheel, which is already less safe as you have less control. Additionally, you will probably have your eyes on the road less and be generally less focused, making you more prone to an accident. This because even more of an issue if you drop or spill something.

Avoid cell phone use

This is a major issue in recent years when it comes to distractions while driving. Studies suggest that using a cell phone while driving increases a person’s risk of crashing by 25 percent, so when it comes to distractions, this is one you should definitely avoid.

Practicing these habits will hopefully help you drive safely and prevents accidents and the need for vehicle collision repair, but unfortunately, not every accident can be prevented. If you find yourself involved in an accident and are in need of vehicle collision repair in or around Barrington, Illinois, you can trust The Body Shop of Barrington with your vehicle.