Many situations can call for a fresh paint job on your vehicle. An accident, rust, or just being bored with your current exterior are all reasons you may be looking into repainting your car. You may know what you want the finished result to look like, but do you know what type of paint to use to get that result? There are many different types of paint that body shops in Kildeer, Illinois can use on your vehicle’s exterior, and each presents its own pros and cons. Here is information on some of the most common types to help you make your decision.

Metallic Car Paint

This kind of paint is most frequently seen on muscle or sports cars as it’s a flashier paint. Metallic car paint creates a very unique effect on vehicles that will catch the eye of most. One major benefit beyond appearance alone is that having a professionally done metallic paint job can increase the resale value of your vehicle because the paint is premium paint. It will also hide scratches and dents more thoroughly than other options because of its reflective properties. However, these benefits also come with drawbacks. Since this paint is premium and more unique, it can be difficult and expensive to get major scratches and dents repaired. There are also fewer colors to choose from for your vehicle if you choose metallic paint.

Acrylic Car Paint

There are a couple different types of acrylic car paints to choose from. Two common types are acrylic enamel and acrylic lacquer. Acrylic lacquer proves easier to apply for novices than other paint options and will produce a nice, glossy finish. However, acrylic lacquer is “soft” and can wear off very easily if exposed to chemical or UV. In addition, acrylic lacquer can be very difficult to apply and requires the assistance of professional body shops in Kildeer, Illinois.

Urethane Car Paint

Urethane paint is one of the most versatile and cost-effective vehicle paint options. It can be sprayed over virtually any other paint without negatively reacting, and also tends to last a very long time without chipping or fading. Unfortunately, urethane paint is highly toxic and requires professional safety equipment in order to safely be applied. This should therefore only be used by professionals in body shops in Kildeer, Illinois and not by beginners.